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Meet Our Authors

Novel people create novel novels.

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Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan started writing short scripts for a film class and turned that love of film into a profession. After years of editing documentary films, reading works of others, and raising a family, Mike started writing stories. They were dark and twisted; luckily his wife and daughter found them entertaining. When Mike isn’t writing or editing films, he is chasing down the plot for his next new story.

To learn more about him and his April 2022 Novel, Dogs, check out our interview here.

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Ambrose Stolliker

Ambrose Stolliker has been published in Ghostlight Magazine, Sex and Murder Magazine, Hungur Magazine, Sanitarium Magazine, Stupefying Stories, Creepy Campfire Quarterly, Tincture Journal, and WEIRD CITY. 

To learn more about him, take a look at our interview regarding his May 2022 Novel, The Strange Nighttime Journey of Father Stephen Marlowe, here.

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