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Tyler Hauth

Senior Editor

Tyler Hauth is the editor-in-chief at Muddy Paw Press and the editor of the horror anthology American Dread. He graduated with a double major in English and Creative Writing, and then went on to an MFA in Creative Writing at Emerson College. He's edited multiple journals and magazines.

Tyler tends to enjoy stories that are driven by large conflicts and navigated by characters that aren't entirely capable of solving the problems they're presented with, but have no option other than trying anyway.

Samantha Dwyer

Associate Editor

Sam is an associate editor at Muddy Paw Press and the recipient of a BFA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from UOFA. She edited her schools literary magazine during undergrad and has since gone on to freelance for numerous Big Six publishing houses. She's especially interested in horror that feels like literary fiction in the sense that it focuses on characters rather than external plot points.

Sam has been working in publishing since 2018 and is an integral part of the acquisition / publishing process. 

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Flora Chiao

Market Specialist

Flora received her BA from the University of Alabama and her PhD from UNC. She's been in the publishing business since 2014 and specializes in market research. Flora helps with cover design, placement in genre, publicity, and general marketing.

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